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GSF Endorses 2019 Jeffco 1A & Prop CC

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Golden Schools Foundation Endorses 2019 Jeffco 1A and Prop CC Ballot Measures for Much-Needed Funding at Golden-Area Schools

GOLDEN, October 17 – At its monthly Board meeting, the Golden Schools Foundation (GSF) voted to endorse the 2019 Jeffco 1A ballot initiative, as well as the statewide Proposition CC, which will allow the state of Colorado to keep all revenues collected under the current tax rates without increasing taxes and allow the state to invest any additional revenue above Colorado’s current revenue cap into public education, higher education, and transportation.

Colorado currently ranks 41st on per pupil spending and is ranked last in the nation on providing teachers a competitive wage. After 11 years of Colorado school funding cuts, Colorado schools have a total lost revenue of just over $8,000,000,000. “If Prop CC passes, Jeffco and our Golden Schools will greatly benefit by being able to create incentives to retain and attract quality teachers and provide necessary materials and resources for our students,” explained GSF Chair Kimberly Brock. In addition to funding public education, Prop CC would require equal amounts of funding to also be distributed into state, county and local transportation projects and higher education. “All of which are important public services that help our students access quality education opportunities and prepare them for a successful career and future,” said Brock.

Also, on the November 5th ballot, Jeffco will ask voters to approve 1A to allow the county in 2020-2026 to reinvest property tax revenue above TABOR limits into essential services such as public safety and roads. Despite a booming economy, county expenses have exceeded revenues, and Jeffco has been drawing down its reserve account to a minimum threshold to support critical projects. “In 2020, Jeffco will have to cut expenses by approximately $16 million which would impact public safety, county services, and health and human services,” said Brock. “All of these services are valuable in allowing our students to access a safe and supportive public education. We encourage all Jeffco voters to join us in supporting these critically important measures.”

For more information, visit for Jeffco 1A and for Prop CC.

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