Great teachers inspire great learners. In fact, research shows that effective teaching is one of the most significant predictors of a student’s academic success. We reward and recognize the great teachers in the Golden articulation area schools through our annual Teacher Recognition Awards.


Two winning teachers will be awarded $1,000 each to go towards their classroom, a crystal apple, and recognition at their school.  They will also be acknowledged in local press/newspapers and among the Golden community. View the map below to see all the winners from past years. 

Congratulations to our 2021 Winners!

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Suzanne Covington
Digital Teacher Librarian

"I get to see Mrs. Covington every week because she does a read-a-louds and some weeks she also does library and technology. She asks questions like, 'What is the kindest word that you can think of?' and then she calls on everyone who’s on the Zoom to give an answer. She teaches us coding, how to make mazes, about perspectives and even origami. Mrs. Covington always has a smile on her face and she's awesome!"


"COVID has been hard on my son. He misses his friends, going to movies, playdates, and parties. He misses his old life. Reading and making up his own stories has been a way to escape that, and I credit Suzanne with helping to spur his imagination. She has managed to keep kids engaged, reading, and talking in a time when it's easy to plop in front of the TV, zone out, and withdraw. "


Gabrielle Heier
Special Education

"Ms. Heier is truly an amazing teacher who always goes above and beyond no matter what she does. She cares about her students, both academically and personally, and they feel this. For our family, she has been the main staff support for our son and the main reason he has excelled both personally and academically. He has gone from struggling to adjust to various teaching styles, and struggling to manage his schedule and assignments, to truly excelling in school and becoming motivated and determined to be able to enroll in an honors class during his senior year (which he achieved)."

"Ms. Heier is able to adjust her teaching style to the needs of the student, and is able to connect with her students in a meaningful way. She earns the trust of her students, and is able to make a more positive impact as a result."

Previous Winners by School

Previous Winners by Year


2021: Gabrielle Heier (GHS), Suzanne Covington (Kyffin)

2020: Barb Casanova (Bell MS), Sue Gilmore (Mitchell)

2019: Natalie Fish (Welchester), Patti Nielson (Mitchell), Rob Phillips (Mitchell)

2018: Jennie Clarke (Kyffin), Andrea Pless (Kyffin)

2017: Jon Bromfield (Ralston), Nicole Perry (Shelton) 

2016: Willow Seely (Kyffin), Laurie Wingert (Shelton)

2015: Shannon Garvin (Golden HS), Joe Johnson (Shelton)

2014: Jayson Haberkorn (Bell MS), Jessica Somers (Ralston)

2013: Kira Jones (Welchester), Robin MacKinnin (Mitchell), Jeanie Maurer (Golden HS), Kara Tice (Ralston), Travis Walters (Kyffin)

2012: Carl Berg (Mitchell), Mary Ford-Doherty (Pleasant View), Cheryl O’Haire (Shelton), Brian Van Voorhees (Bell MS)