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Every year, starting in 2012, the Golden Schools Foundation awards two Golden-area teachers with a Teacher Recognition Award. They receive $1,000 to spend in their classrooms, and a beautiful crystal apple to recognize them for their amazing contributions to our schools. Nominations open in Spring 2024.

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners!

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Susan Kelly
Kyffin Elementary School

Susan Kelly is known for providing exceptional math support, making reading engaging, and keeping up with students after they graduate fourth grade. She collaborates with colleagues and partners from organizations like the Golden Museum and Xcel Energy to bring in hands-on activities that help students apply what they’ve learned. Students have said that “she made me want to come to school” and that they were “always excited to see what they will be getting to do.”

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Shealyn Crocombe
Ralston Elementary School

Shealyn Crocombe's students get more from music class than learning songs and music theory. She sees children's hidden talents, inspires confidence, and teaches them to hear the emotion and meaning behind music. She also organizes at least two musicals every year, one for younger students and another for older students. The musicals have been so popular among younger students in recent years that she has selected two casts to ensure everyone was able to participate in a meaningful way.

Previous Winners

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Previous Winners by School


Previous Winners by Year

  • 2022: Heidi Tietjen (Bell MS), Jesse Swift (GHS)

  • 2021: Gabrielle Heier (GHS), Suzanne Covington (Kyffin)

  • 2020: Barb Casanova (Bell MS), Sue Gilmore (Mitchell)

  • 2019: Natalie Fish (Welchester), Patti Nielson (Mitchell), Rob Phillips (Mitchell)

  • 2018: Jennie Clarke (Kyffin), Andrea Pless (Kyffin)

  • 2017: Jon Bromfield (Ralston), Nicole Perry (Shelton) 

  • 2016: Willow Seely (Kyffin), Laurie Wingert (Shelton)

  • 2015: Shannon Garvin (Golden HS), Joe Johnson (Shelton)

  • 2014: Jayson Haberkorn (Bell MS), Jessica Somers (Ralston)

  • 2013: Kira Jones (Welchester), Robin MacKinnin (Mitchell), Jeanie Maurer (Golden HS), Kara Tice (Ralston), Travis Walters (Kyffin)

  • 2012: Carl Berg (Mitchell), Mary Ford-Doherty (Pleasant View), Cheryl O’Haire (Shelton), Brian Van Voorhees (Bell MS)   

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