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Each year we provide seven Credit Recovery Scholarships for students in need of credit recovery courses in order to graduate with their high school diploma. We truly believe in supporting and encouraging a successful academic experience from start to finish. This program is in memory of Tish Agos, former Assistant Principal at GHS. Tish Agos passed away April 6, 2018, from cancer.


As an Assistant Principal at GHS, Tish came to this position well-versed in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. She was a high school English teacher for 17 years in three states, serving in school districts (Jeffco, Montgomery County, MD, and Desert Sands, CA) that embraced best practices and school reform issues in a variety of ways. Tish often said she felt privileged to support students and staff at GHS and looked forward to working with her fellow Demons each and every day! 

Tish was key in launching this program from the start. She continued to keep it moving for the first couple of years up until just a few months before her death. Her dedication to her students was legendary because it was selfless, unassuming and genuine. We are all better for having known her.

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