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In our continuing efforts to encourage a well-rounded, engaging and rigorous education for all Golden neighborhood schools, GSF began making several grants available each year to support student enrichment activities and programs in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) starting in 2012. In 2015, GSF also began considering non-STEM programs that support innovative teaching and learning. 


During the program's first two years, we were able to grant a total of $2,000 each year across 4-6 different schools. In 2016, we granted at least $2000 to every grant request we received; all eight schools were awarded money. GSF has awarded over $80,000 in Enrichment Grants to our schools to date.

Congratulations to the 2022 Grant Recipients!

Enrichment Grants - 2022 (2).png

Mitchell ES

Bell MS

Bell MS


Mitchell ES

Shelton_Enrichment Grant_check photo_2.jpg

Shelton ES

Previous Winners by Year

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