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In an effort to support the GSF mission to promote improvements in student achievements and teaching excellence we have developed a program to support student academics during the summer. We provide these camps free to students. The Student Academic Summer Boot Camps are a series of supplemental education programs that provide academic exposure and reinforcement to our Golden students, and encourage a successful academic experience from start to finish.


Our Summer Boot Camps have proven popular and helpful for incoming 7th graders new to science at Bell Middle School and to incoming freshmen preparing to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes at Golden High School.

Advanced Placement Boot Camp


In August 2016, we launched the second program in the series with the AP/Honors Summer Academic Boot Camp at Golden High School. Incoming freshmen and first-time AP students at Golden were allowed an opportunity to jump start their academic careers at the first-ever Advanced Placement Boot Camp at Golden High School. AP Human Geography teachers Mr. Mike Mendoza and Ms. Onessia Anderson developed a full day of activities to help students start strong in their AP courses. This camp has received high marks from students and teachers and we look forward to offering it again in years to come.

7th Grade Science Boot Camp

We were fortunate to launch our first camp in August 2015 at Bell Middle School. This was a four-day comprehensive academic enhancement program focused on communicating the joy and excitement of learning science through a problem-based approach. Students experienced a unique opportunity to gain confidence in their own ability to work as “scientists and mathematicians” in a classroom setting. Each year, we've had an average of 65 students registered, representing every Golden neighborhood school plus some schools outside of Golden.


This unique program creates innovative learning experiences through a broad range of concepts. Students are invited to explore and learn in a classroom setting that combines both “real world” or “hands on” experiences! The goal is to increase participating student’s interest and enjoyment of science before the school year begins. 

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