In our continuing efforts to encourage a well-rounded, engaging and rigorous education for all Golden neighborhood schools, GSF began making several grants available each year to support student enrichment activities and programs in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) starting in 2012. In 2015, GSF also began considering non-STEM programs that support innovative teaching and learning. 


During the program's first two years, we were able to grant a total of $2,000 each year across 4-6 different schools. In 2016, we granted at least $2000 to every grant request we received; all eight schools were awarded money. GSF has awarded a total of nearly $80,000 in Enrichment Grants to our schools through 2018.


Applications are shared with school leaders each year in February. Enrichment Grant Applications are DUE by 5pm MST on the deadline date. Applications received after this deadline will NOT be considered.

Congratulations to our 2020 winners! Click on a school below to learn how the funds will impact students. 

Mitchell Elementary
$1,521 - 3 VEX IQ Robit kits and equipment for more students to engage in a PLC in robotics and coding.
Welchester Elementary
$3,064 - for a 75" Mimeo Procolor Interactive display and cart to enrich hands-on learning.
Ralston Elementary
$2,500 to support the STEM lab, STEM-related field trips, and STEM guest speakers.
Shelton Elementary
$2,488 - creative computer science and engineering design with Cubelets.
Bell Middle School
$4,000 - for ALEKS Math Intervention program (1 year of 100 licenses plus 1 month of 20 licenses)
Golden High School
$4,000 - to support GHS's graphic design and photography courses (19 drawing screens, including stylus, glove and stand)
Kyffin Elementary
$2,500 - additional STEM resources and materials to promote deeper learning in Science.
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Ralston Elementary

$2,500 to support the STEM lab, STEM-related field trips, and STEM guest speakers.